1. Go to a fourth of July party and close a screen door with chicken wire on the bottom half on the back of your foot.
  2. Find out that the screen door punctured your foot by the river of blood flowing from it.
  3. Try to stop the bleeding unsuccessfully for 20 mins.
  4. Email your immunologist to ask if a tetanus booster is necessary because you vaguely remember getting one a year ago and having the numbers come back that your immunosuppression canceled out the booster.
  5. Get a answer at 3:00 Thursday that it's vital to get a booster asap.
  6. Call 3 different Dr to no avail
  7. Get a call that you have to pick up your god child for undisclosed amount of days and that you are legally responsible for her because she can't be with her parent unsupervised.
    Stress, adjust.
  8. Call the PCP again to beg for just the shot no apt necessary, because of your immunosuppression.
  9. Thankfully they agree, you get your shot then your god child.
  10. And you go on to feel faint and dizzy the rest of the day feeling accomplished.