1. Collect your unwanted junk.
    One person's junk is another's treasure.
  2. Price all said junk.
    Masking tape and a sharpie, or the pre made pricing stickers. Doest matter just price it. Trust me it will move better.
  3. Gather tables, shelf units, and clothing racks.
    Inventory sells the better it's displayed.
  4. Start collecting plastic shopping bags weeks in advance.
    It always helps to have bags for people's purchases.
  5. Put signs out the Wednesday of the week your sale is.
    More ppl that see the more ppl at your sale.
  6. The night before post your sale to: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, local yard sale sights and Craigslist.
  7. The day before set up as much as you can.
    No matter what the customer's always show up early.
  8. The day of set up your sale, sit back and sell sell sell.
    If you sell it they will come!
  9. After the sale has ended: take down your signs, and box your left overs up.
    You can either save for another sale another day. Or call Goodwill or kidney foundation to pick it all up.