I was in retail for 10 or so years here are the things that always bugged me.
  1. Customers know your name, and occasionally use it, however you don't know theirs. When a stranger says my name it freaks me out.
    I'm wearing a name tag cheater!
  2. You have to apologise for everything even if it's not your fault.
    I'm sorry we no longer carry that, but you should try this. To this day if I'm in a uncomfortable situation I apologise even if it's not my fault out of habbit.
  3. When you answer the phone people act like they didn't just call the store.
    Picks up phone " thank you for calling Jockey, how may I help you? " Customer "is this Jockey" really?! I just said that.
  4. Working on auto pilot.
    Before you even realize you have standard answers for frequently asked questions. "How are you" answer "tired". Even if your not it's pre programed at this point.
  5. Seeing the odd places people keep their money.
    I've had money exchange hands from wallets, bras, socks, m&m Minni containers, Walmart bags, hats, and pants.