Text abbreviations you had to look up because you were too embarrassed to ask someone.

  1. Smh - shaking my head.
    Took me way to long to figure this out a couple years back.
  2. Ikr - I know Right.
    My former employer used this all the time, finally had to Google it.
  3. FTW- for the win
    I started seeing it everywhere and just couldn't deduce its meaning
    Suggested by   @sarahsmith4
  4. LBVS- Laughing but very serious
    Suggested by   @andlamb
  5. Wbu?- What about you?
    a very hard question to reply to when you don't know the meaning...
    Suggested by   @cat_lyn
  6. I once texted my cousin asking what "L.A.M.O." stood for when what I really meant to ask was what LMAO meant. I didn't even know the order of the letters.
    Suggested by   @rebeccamaepeter
  7. OMW
    I genuinely thought it stood for "Oh My Word!"
    Suggested by   @BrentMWiggins
  8. IIRC
    If I recall correctly...
    Suggested by   @Boogie
  9. TPTB
    Full disclosure this was in a TV forum, not a text. But it means The Powers That Be, aka, the people in charge of the network.
    Suggested by   @Boogie
  10. Ifaik
    Sounds ... pointy
    Suggested by   @coldwindshiningstars
  11. All of them....
    Suggested by   @audreypalumbo
  12. Ily
    I love you. I thought everyone was just making the same weird spelling error for the longest time.
    Suggested by   @finesse