A wonderful request from @angela3950. thanks!
  1. I live in Charleston, SC.
  2. Bill Murray lives in Charleston part time.
  3. He owns restaurants, development properties and our minor league baseball team.
  4. Once called the rainbows, now called the river dogs.
  5. Charlie the river dog is the mascot.
  6. I rarely go to games, baseball usually isn't my thing.
    I'm more of a college football girl. Go gamecocks!
  7. They hold events throughout the year to drive up ticket sales.
  8. Me and my ex fiancee got a pair of free tickets.
  9. So we went to cooter fest.
    I can't make this up, it was actually called that.
  10. Turns out cooter is another name for turtles.
    It was a turtle race, anyone could enter.
  11. I went to the concession stand for some refreshments, it's summer in Charleston humidity is on point.
  12. As I'm standing in line, I'm not paying any attention.
  13. At this point the line has been waiting for maybe 2 mins.
  14. All of a sudden the man in front of me screamed "who do I have to fuck to get a hot dog around here"
  15. I look to see what was going on, just as bill Murray was turning around scanning the area.
  16. I was instantly nervous.
  17. He looked down and said hi.
  18. I said hi.
    The gostbusters theme was all I could think of at the time.
  19. Around this time the line started to move.
    I believe I said I love your work it was all a blur.
  20. He said thanks, got to the concession window, grabbed a tray full of hotdogs and walked off.
  21. To this day still one of my favorite actors.
  22. Honestly seemed like a chill guy. Very nice.
  23. Thanks for the li.st request!