The first of many, tis the season.

  1. Being me has tons of perks, one being I have a condition called Raynaud's disease.
  2. It affects blood circulation in your extremities.
  3. Your hands can turn white or have a blue hue to them.
  4. The same with your feet.
  5. For this reason when I go to the Dr I can't use the traditional pulse ox.
  6. I get to use a probe on my head and look similar to quale man.
    Not as much fun as you think.
  7. Tonight was the first chilly night, and I couldn't get my feet to warm up for anything, so even though I'm clean and have already taken a shower today. I took a bath because my feet were blue and it's the only thing that helps.
  8. If you know any single avatar or smurfs I'm available, and half way their😉