The top 5 reasons having big boobs sucks!
  1. Sports.
    It makes them harder, they get in the way. Tennis, golf, volleyball, and baseball it's hard to work around them to hold your arms the right way to swing or hit.
  2. Clothes
    Shirts are either little house on the prairie or X - rated. Forget about wearing a shirt with a graphic half of it will be blocked by your under boob.
  3. Finding the correct undergarment.
    Too loose or too tight and you have back pain or shoulder divits. Getting stabbed by a underwire can feel just as bad as getting stabbed with a knife
  4. They become their own entity.
    When you meet someone for the first time they look at your boobs not you. You can't avoid this by wearing hoodies or baggy clothes you cant hide them.
  5. Sweat
    It doesn't happen often but it's gross when it does.