1. Wake up feeling like death.
  2. Drag yourself to the shower.
  3. Call your PCP get a last minute apt 20mins after you hang up.
  4. Rush to get out the door, rush in traffic to get to Dr.
  5. Visit with physician, decide you need a viral panel.
  6. Get sent down town right before rush hour.
  7. Visit blood lab, grab sputum cup, find a flight of stairs.
    Run up and down stairs to activate uncontrollable coughing attack.
  8. Produce sample.
  9. Find out that the viral panel test isn't offered at the blood lab.
  10. Run upstairs, explain your issue to three separate nurse's.
  11. Con one into giving the test.
  12. Leave exhausted in rush hr traffic praying that these latest test don't land you back in the hospital.