Things I Collect ICYWW 😉

Inspired by @angela3950 Remember you asked for this ha!
  1. Hats
    Summer are pictured, but this is only some of the summer collection. I also have a hefty Bennie collection for winter use.
  2. Statement necklaces
    Most have been "passed down" or gifted to me, they get occasional use but work well as functional art.
  3. Penguins (hard)
    Ceramic, glass, metal, wood it all started with the movies Marry Poppins and Happy feet. The next thing I know I'm getting them for all holidays, good thing it's my fav animal.
  4. Penguins (soft)
    This is only half the shelf darn square picture format. I got one as a gift, now every Christmas it's a kind of tradition.
  5. Cameras
    It was my chosen field in college, and when I see one that interest me I pick it up for the collection.
  6. Buttons, pins, brooches
    My grandfather collected all of the pins he was given working for Walmart for 30 years, and I still have all the pins i was given or collected over the years.
  7. Buddahs
    This habit came out of a hope that one day I too will be enlightened.
  8. Maybe I'm a Horder with OCD tendencies. Ha