Things I couldn't do from the cliché movie world.

  1. Go on the run for days on end with no shower.
    Umm hell no, I'd have to shave my hair off just to untangle it.
  2. Deliver a justified beat down to a group of ppl after me.
    I could take 1-2 at most then I would be out of breath and just done.
  3. Work for 14+ hours a day in high heels and a tight mini skirt.
    My dogs would be barking, and I need to bend down in life, sry.
  4. Wait to kiss my crush until​ after I say I love you.
    You don't buy the car without test driving, am I right?
  5. Leave friends and family to start over with no contact what so ever.
    Im independent yes, but I still need my touch stones.