Request by the amazing @angela3950 (sry this took a few days, had to finish the book.)
  1. I started reading this book because my uncle is a huge Nelson fan, most of the family enjoys country.
    I listen causally, but usually don't seek it out.
  2. He was raised in Texas.
  3. He has a older sister named Bobby who played in his band, he has a couple half siblings too.
  4. His parents divorced young, and went there separate ways leaving him in the care of his paternal grandparents.
  5. His paternal grandfather gave him his first guitar, and taught him how to play.
    He died when Willie was 6.
  6. He married his 1st wife Martha when he was 19 and his wife 16.
    They had three children, had another two children named Paula, and Amy with his mistress Connie (later married). His fourth marriage to Annie (sill married) brought two other children.
  7. He was very active in church growing up.
  8. One of his earlier jobs was a radio DJ.
  9. When he first started smoking pot he didn't enjoy it.
  10. He originally wrote crazy made famous by Patsy Cline.
  11. His hobbies include golf and martial arts.
  12. He's a know collaborator with anyone who wants to sing a duet.