Things that were cool at my high school.

inspired by @Boogie who was inspired by @mkell30
  1. Hoodies
    We wore them all the time, in the summer, when it was 20 out that's all we wore.
  2. "heavy metal" I use that term loosely because it ment anything from Linkin park, Slipknot, stone sour, AFI, billing for soup, ra, Ozzy, and Killswitch engage.
  3. Vodka
    A Water bottle with a screwdriver in it got me through probability and statistics.
  4. Jelly bracelets
    And we wore them half way up our arms and NEVER took them off.
  5. All black everything.
  6. Converse shoes
    I still have 8 pairs!
  7. PAC sun pants for women, jenco jeans for men.
  8. Decorated backpacks
  9. Movies and the mall every weekend.
  10. Pot
    If you weren't dealing you were smoking.