Times I've checked in today.

At the hospital for a EDG procedure, they ask so many questions, then just send me to another desk.
  1. Once arrived I check in at the ART tower registration desk.
    I'm told to go to floor 2 and "check in at the middle"
  2. Head up to 2 find the middle, check in again.
    Told to go to the first desk I saw. (Not the middle btw)
  3. Make it to the first desk, check in again.
    Verbally and in written form, then asked to sit.
  4. Called and I think I'm heading into prep for the procedure, nope just another check in point.
    I'm sent back to the lobby I checked into 5 mins before.
  5. Wish me luck, I might get this done by noon if I'm lucky.