First let me say thank your for the List request from @mallofamanda.
  1. When I was 17 I moved out of my parents house and bought a place with my ex.
    Big mistake, should of listened to everyone who told me not to.
  2. He worked nights, and I worked days and went to school.
    Out of sheer boredom, I got a job with my best friend at jockey international.
  3. You were required to know everything about the products they carry.
    From where they were made, to what materials they were made of down to the percent, to the different silhouettes. Information still logged in my brain.
  4. The manager insisted I get bra qualified ASAP
  5. It was a 2 month process to become qualified.
    With written information, comoutirized test, practice supervised fittings, and a secret shopper fitting at the end.
  6. I passed with flying colors, with the help of my assistant manager. She had over 15 years experience.
    I can still roughly eyeball when someone is in the wrong size and needs to move up or down.
  7. These are the mistakes people normally make.
  8. Band is too big or two small.
    If you can fit your entire fist between your back and the band it's too big, it should be snug not cutting off circulation. Two fingers under and slight give should be good.
  9. Placement of the band
    Most people have been taught that their band is to be placed high on the back, this is wrong and will actually give you back problems in the long run. It's supposed to be placed lower on your back. A good rule to know if it's in the correct place is make a fist with the thumbs up sign, place at the small of your back. If the thumb is touching the band your good to go.
  10. Cup size to big or to small
    If you have extra room in your cups they are too big, and you might want to size down. If your spilling out the side of your cup or over the top it's too small. You want to make sure all the best tissue fits comfortably inside the under wire.
  11. Not adjusting straps
    You don't want them too tight otherwise they will leave marks, or too loose otherwise they will fall off the shoulder every time you lean down. Remember the band and under wire is what truly holds you up and straps are just anchors.
  12. Hope this helps in some way, feel free to ask any questions I'd be happy to answer.