Today I received my first fabletics order.

disclaimer I signed up for emails at least 6+ months ago, and just made my first order.
  1. I got my first outfit for $15
    One cute tunic length long sleeve top and one pair of crop pants.
  2. The way it works is you get your first outfit usually for $25.
    But if you hold out the basic sales are 70% off 1st outfit, $25 for 1st outfit, and $15 for first outfit.
  3. You can either sign up to be a VIP member, or not.
    VIP locks you into a simi contract I'll explain below, not has no contract, but you pay full price for outfits.
  4. Benefits of VIP:
    Personalized shopping emails with your "picks" for the month based on a personality quiz you take
  5. Half price on all items on site.
    Free shipping in usa
  6. Free returns in usa
  7. Cons of vip
    A $6 restocking fee of you choose not to exchange the items size to fit better
  8. A monthly charge of $50 if you do not opt out of that month before the 5th
    (I set a Google alarm for the 1st of every month, you can opt out of as many months in a row as you like, no limit)
  9. You have to call a number to cancel subscription
  10. I liked the outfit I got, and it seamed to fit true to size. I counted this one as a win win
  11. The outfit I got.