What's your ideal temperature to live in all year long?

  1. 78 not to hot not too cold, just right.
    I hate the cold guys lol.
  2. 65-70
    Jeans & flip-flops make up the ideal outfit! I hate the cold too
    Suggested by   @NicoleO
  3. High of 58 degrees lows in 40s, crisp, makes the blood move, you feel awake alive, but not too cold
    Suggested by   @gd3
  4. 87 degrees. Enough to get a tan but not enough to want die in the heat.
    Suggested by   @bsizzle33
  5. I'm really happy around 75 degrees. I can't handle being cold, either.
    Suggested by   @Dashelamet
  6. 30 degrees
    I love cold
    Suggested by   @Charlie_Chester