Why can't list work correctly for a change!

before Reading @karlalucia list I noticed something off with my feed .
  1. I no longer get notified when I have comments on my list.
    Sometimes they don't show up until days after. I like to return within the day. I feel rude otherwise.
  2. Are the likes I give showing up? Because the likes on suggestion list are MIA. Suggestions are coming in though.
  3. I've lost friends I didn't unfollow too.
  4. I have Android and still have the ability to write drafts and relist, but is anyone seeing the relist?
  5. From what I can tell no one has trending or confetti anymore.
    Rip confetti and the days with a extra spring in your step over it.
  6. Android doesn't have direct messaging.
    We have to request a list with what we want in the title.
  7. Will we all (Android and iPhone) ever have the same version?
  8. Does anyone else crash in the middle of a list with multiple pictures?