list request by @Jakes I'm going to keep this to my top 3 all time worst moments in my short international underwear management career. unfortunately these are all true.
  1. My co-worker blew up at me in the stock room and threatened my safety. I thought he was a friend, but when he was fired for insubordination he got mad when I didn't quit on principle.
    He later used social media as a platform to pit friends against me, and bring my deceased family members into arguments.
  2. My employee was sexually harassed by a male customer.
    We had a rule that you could try underwear on over what you had on, but he purposely got underwear a size to small and called the employee to see his junk out. He was promptly booted from the mall.
  3. A customer tried to return a pair of socks right off his nasty ass foot.