Yesterday day I wrote a list on Walmart.

Specifically my Walmart online grocery order. You can read the list here - First order on
  1. Today I went to pick up that order.
  2. The email confirmation I got said I would receive a call 15 minutes before my 1 hour window (1-2) to pick my groceries up.
  3. Then I was to arrive at Walmart, park in designated spot, and use the number on the sign to call for a attendant to bring my groceries out.
  4. My time slot of 1-2 came and no call, so I waited until 1:30 and tried to call them.
    No answer.
  5. Knowing I've already paid for the groceries, and not wanting to miss my window of time I leave for Walmart.
  6. I arrive at 1:50, call the number on the designated sign 3 times with no answer.
  7. The 4th call finally gets a answer.
    The man said it be another 15-20 mins. This would now be outside my 1hr time window.
  8. I agree, and continue to wait for well over 1 hr in the Walmart parking lot before I finally received my groceries!
  9. I immediately get a email asking me to rate my Walmart online experience.
    I reply with the lowest stars, and explain that my delivery was late and no one called, or answered the phone.
  10. A couple hours later I get a call from a customer service specialist from the online division of
  11. He apologized for the inconvenience, and stated that it was due to extensive preparations for hurricane Matthew last week that they were running behind.
  12. I said I never received my call 15mins prior to my time slot, he explained that they only call when the delivery is ready.
    Even tho that's not what the email stated, and I never received a call anyway.
  13. He asked if I had any more feedback.
    I said yes, that i would never use this service again because they obviously couldn't organize correctly and put the customer first.
  14. We then hung up, and I get a email asking me to fill out a customer survey on my customer service representative for
  15. I fill it out only to add that it was meaningless for the online representative to call and apologize for something he had no hand in, that I would of preferred a call from someone at the actual store and I wanted to know what was being done to Improve the process for the future.
  16. Sry this was such a long list, moral of the story is wait until you here a good review in your local area to try service at your branch because the kinks are not worked out.