A Selection of Photos From My Birthday Weekend

  1. My dad posted this throwback of me on his Instagram which I found while scrolling first thing ❤️
  2. The amazing card my team at work made for me as they know I'm a Kimye obsessive
  3. This fateful button at Bob Bob Ricards
  4. Of course I pressed it
  5. Pretty drunk at this point
  6. The food ❤️ the service ❤️ the table setting ❤️ the fact there's a plug socket at each table ❤️
  7. The flowers waiting for me when I got home
  8. Afternoon tea on Monday
  9. Check out this setting. Sketch London
  10. Art everywhere
  12. Of course I got a selfie
  13. Or 2
  14. Or THREE 😂
  15. And then I slept for a hundred years