Here are my plans
  1. This is not an April fool -1.4.88 the day I was born
  2. I'm working tomorrow - I am a manager so hoping my team remember 😂
  3. Then dinner at Bob Bob Ricard - an English/Russian restaurant which is super fancy pants with 2 of my most babin pals
  4. Friends bf is djing at ace hotel so may go there after
  5. Work Saturday morning 😒 I'll be in the office with an hangover 😂
  6. Finish work early, get picked up and taken to a hotel near Bath
  7. Use the hotel pool and spa!
  8. Stay at the hotel
  9. Visit Bath on Sunday
  10. Come back to London and see 10 friends for dim sum on Sunday night
  11. Monday - circuits class at the gym 😪
  12. Monday afternoon - Afternoon tea at Sketch with my oldest pal who recently got engaged
  13. The following Friday, fly to Copenhagen
  14. Is this a little bit excessive?
  15. I vote no.