My Tattoos

In chronological order
  1. A skull and crossbones with a bow on its head.
    Idk I was 18 and thought I was cool shrug
  2. My signature on my inner forearm
    Yeah that's my arm. Chub. But I did a degree in fine art and I wanted to 'be the art' so I signed myself
  3. Chanel logo on my inner right wrist
    Cheaper than a handbag, right?
  4. Old school blue rose
    To conceal the aforementioned skull
  5. Jayne Mansfield pin up
    I can't tell you how many guys try to hit on me by complimenting my 'Marilyn Monroe' tattoo. Lollll falling at the first hurdle
  6. 58 in Roman numbers
    For Marco simoncelli