Photos From My Trip to Amsterdam

  1. Me and Nicole in our hotel
  2. Obligatory bicycle pic
  3. Of course
  4. This should maybe belong in the embarrassing selfies folder
  5. Oh wow. Rijksmuseum library 😍
  6. Beautiful canal houses
  7. Srsly look ❤️❤️❤️
  8. Ajax vs Hercules ⚽️
  9. Look at this freaking house
  10. Dreamt dreamy brunch
  11. Photo booth vibes
  12. My childhood fave book in its natural habitat
  13. Cute cacti
  14. Hot food vending machines. These need to exist in London STAT
  15. Bridge selfie
  16. Nicole had a crush on Van Gough
  17. Inside the Heineken brewery
  18. The sex museum
  19. Yep
  20. Me in my natural habitat
  21. We found a ball pool
  22. One more of these canals
  23. It was just DREAMY