Pictures From My Recent Trip to Milan and Lake Como

  1. Too excited to be flying over the Alps
  2. The Moschino store in Milan. Aka my spiritual home
  3. The dreamiest peach bread of all time
  4. Myself by the lake
  5. My pals and I by the lake - with bonus buffy the beagle
  6. Nemah and I in a gorgeous restaurant where they gave us free shots
  7. Pizza 😍
  8. Adorable streets
  9. Gelato excuse me while I die
  10. The beagle
  11. A view of the lake
  12. Look at this molten chocolate
  13. Inside the cathedral
  14. An accurate representation of myself and Nemah
  15. My face when the man wouldn't get out of my shot
  16. Nemah wearing everything she owns