Here are the various ways I procrastinate without feeling guilty because I deceive myself into thinking it's productive.
  1. Spend 2 hours making a "study plan"
  2. Spend an additional hour decorating said study plan.
    Because color coding will help me focus obviously
  3. Take a snack break
    Brain food, duh.
  4. Spend an hour composing a study playlist
    For motivation obviously
  5. Go to the fridge in search of some more brain food
  6. Open fridge to find nothing has changed since last snack break
  7. Create an incentive program to motive me to study
  8. Be proud of myself for coming up with such a brilliant plan and reward myself with a study break
    Because I've worked so hard until now
  9. Realize it's already 4 pm and freak out
  10. Revise "study plan" to accommodate the wasted day.
  11. Rinse. Repeat.