1. Orgy
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    Um, no thanks.
  2. Sick Of Sarah
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    Is this a sitcom performed live on stage?
  3. Mac Sabbath
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    I actually heard they put on a great show. It's like the Chuck E Cheese band for adults.
  4. Mike Thrasher Presents: NIGHTWISH, with Guests DELAIN, All Ages
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    So this is what happened to the Lord of the Rings extras.
  5. Kobra & The Lotus
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    Hard to tell which is which.
  6. He Is Legend
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    Pretty sure this is christian rock. I like how down playing the religion is part of the image.
  7. The Creepshow
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    You got that right.
  8. It Lies Within
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    Looks like another christian rock band. How did this ever become an actual genre?
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    I may check this out last minute.
  10. The Glitch Mob
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    Some sort of Matrix tribute band?
  11. Sólstafir
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    I looked it up. They're from Iceland, so those are probably fermenting shark carcasses in the background.
  12. Maid Myriad
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    I don't understand the name, but they should hire a fashion consultant.
  13. Laibach
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    I have no idea what's going on here. Definitely the best poster art design.
  14. 80's Prom With RADICAL REVOLUTION, 21 & Over
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    Looks like somebody knows how to use photoshop.