I visited Victoria B.C. over the New Year and discovered the wonderful world of Canadian gin. This is not your garden variety juniper gin.
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    If you prefer your gin to have a clean taste with only subtle botanical flavors then this one should be at the top of your list. Well filtered and extremely smooth as are all the gins on this list. http://www.ampersanddistilling.com/products.php
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    Barrel aged making it slightly sweet with notes of citrus and spice. A modern take on an old world genever. http://thelibertydistillery.com/spirits.html
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    Distilled from potatoes, and complimented by eight botanicals including rosemary, cinnamon bark and hops. http://www.pembertondistillery.ca/gin.html
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    Unlike anything I have ever tasted. It actually does taste like a Pacifc Northwest forest, as claimed. Botanicals include cascade hops, grand fir, bay laurel, coriander, and lavender. So good. http://fermentorium.ca
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    Defender Island
    Easily my favorite. Wild sage and flame charred rosemary give it complex characteristics that put it in it's own category. If you drink scotch than this is the gin for you. http://legenddistilling.com/products/defender-island