This would not have seen the light of day if not for #draftweek
  1. Car Ma
    Boy steals his mom's car and goes galavanting around town with his drug addled buddies. They get in a horrific collision, and they all die, from laughter, because they accidentally murdered an escaped serial killer in clown garb.
  2. The Cross Codes
    An old blues guitarist barters his dirty black Cadillac to the devil. In return, he is gifted the lauch codes to a nuclear warhead, which he uses to double cross the devil by blowing up hell.
  3. Yankee Tree
    An amish teen grafts a tree that grows hundred dollar bills. He has a hella awesome Rumspringa, and during a particularly intoxicating evening he buys the Yankees who are in the midst of a dismal season. So he returns to his family, fells the tree, and hand-planes it into extraordinary baseball bats. They go on to win the pennant.