GUNS & THE CRAZY ONES by Danny Schmidt:
  1. Seems to me it's just as plain as please. It's plastered in the news. Cause every day there's a new display, Of cannons come loose.
  2. Once was tough, two's a called bluff, three's enough's enough. Four was cruel, five's a dead school, six is like they're gunning for you.
  3. So tell me this, when the spirit slips, And can't hardly stand, What will it grasp if it falls too fast? I hope just a hand.
  4. But if not, if the shell's shocked, if there's no angels near. If fury finds that in the chambered mind, there's just bullets and steel.
  5. So blame the guns or blame the crazy ones, It's almost the same. Cause in the home of the free and brave, These tools are insane.
  6. The best dirt on the free earth and we can't shake our pride. We're two sides of a mudslide, and we're both buried alive.
  7. So tell me now, tell me anyhow, When will it end? Cause every time it's a friend of mine, The ghosts and the men.
  8. It seems to me it's just as plain as please.