Just some of the more cherished files on my computer.
  1. 12311999.jpg
  2. NUDEBEACH_017.jpg
  3. CANONS1300_NORWAY2011.jpg
  4. 3HIP000000000!!!!.jpg
    Anytime a hippo photo bombs; you make multiple copies.
  5. UNTITLED.png
    Took a screenshot of my photo that only existed online.
  6. 111111EXTREME.gif
    It's a little blurry, but you can still make out the #fail.
  8. 8675309.ttt
    What? I'm a child of the 80s. Tommy TuTone!
  9. Sunset.swf
    A rare capture of the "green flash".
  10. 6KODAK07272013.jpg