Fifteen years ago a college buddy sent me this email with the subject line "booze". Still to this day I find it to be a profoundly poetic glimpse into the mind of a drunk man.
  1. Don't breathe on anyone, they will know for sure
  2. The deep pure smell of whiskey crystalizing the oxygen that others breathe
  3. Stable, balance, I said balance damnit!
  4. Pick it up
  5. Nobody heard it fall, and no one will think you broke it
  6. If any one asks tell FUCK she's hot!
  7. Look at her ass, balance
  8. I might have to compensate for the wind and the slanting road
  9. When did I eat last, cheeseburger sounds good, stable
  10. Who's that fucking guy looking at?
  11. Whas to fuk loooooking ta?
  12. I can't believe I slept here again...
  13. Another black and white night