1. La Crosse, Wisconsin
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    Each of the city’s 35 decorative drinking fountains spews about 5 million gallons during a normal May-to-October season when temps are above freezing.
  2. Portland, Oregon
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    They are known as the Benson Bubblers after their donor Simon Benson. Beer consumption in the city reportedly decreased 25 percent after the fountains were installed. Combined, the fountains pour out close to 100,000 gallons of drinking water every day of the year. http://bit.ly/1IBh3Re
  3. Bonus Dialect Info
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    The "Bubbler" was invented in 1889 in Wisconsin, and the name was trademarked, which is why most parts of the country refer to them as drinking fountains or water fountains, but Wisconsin and other small regions still use the term bubbler. http://bit.ly/1JigBXb