To celebrate my soul mate's arrival on List App, I offer this showcase of costume party pics. One of many reasons I've had an amazing five years with @karen.
  1. Mad Men party
  2. The Price is Right
    We weren't actually dating yet. It was a big group costume. I was Rod Roddy. Karen was a last minute add on as a showcase model.
  3. The Wet Bandits
    It was still our first year of dating and Karen was a great sport when I suggested she would have to be Joe Pesci's character.
  4. Luckily Macaulay Culkin was there
    This dude showed up with out a costume, and then suddenly had one, by association.
  5. Werewolf howling at the moon
    Have you ever seen a more beautiful moon?
  6. Pirates
    My mom likes to have a theme for every get together. This is the first time Karen met most of my ginormous family.
  7. Silent Film Stars
  8. Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest
    We're great at putting something together at the last minute.
  9. Unfortunately we were runners up to @sloan
  10. Old timey characters from the Cheers theme song
  11. I think that might be John Mayer and Katy Perry behind us.
  12. Morton Salt Girl and Sgt. Pepper
  13. Day of the Dead and Volleyball Zombie
    We had two parties that night so had to split themes.
  14. Work party photo booth
  15. Christmas photo shoot
    Karen commissioned a painting of us!