To celebrate my soul mate's arrival on List App, I offer this showcase of costume party pics. One of many reasons I've had an amazing five years with @karen.
  1. Mad Men party
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  2. The Price is Right
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    We weren't actually dating yet. It was a big group costume. I was Rod Roddy. Karen was a last minute add on as a showcase model.
  3. The Wet Bandits
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    It was still our first year of dating and Karen was a great sport when I suggested she would have to be Joe Pesci's character.
  4. Luckily Macaulay Culkin was there
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    This dude showed up with out a costume, and then suddenly had one, by association.
  5. Werewolf howling at the moon
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    Have you ever seen a more beautiful moon?
  6. Pirates
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    My mom likes to have a theme for every get together. This is the first time Karen met most of my ginormous family.
  7. Silent Film Stars
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  8. Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest
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    We're great at putting something together at the last minute.
  9. Unfortunately we were runners up to @sloan
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  10. Old timey characters from the Cheers theme song
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  11. I think that might be John Mayer and Katy Perry behind us.
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  12. Morton Salt Girl and Sgt. Pepper
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  13. Day of the Dead and Volleyball Zombie
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    We had two parties that night so had to split themes.
  14. Work party photo booth
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  15. Christmas photo shoot
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    Karen commissioned a painting of us!