Found in the lakes, marshes and woodlands near my childhood home in Minnesota.
  1. Tree frogs
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    I loved the gray tree frogs. They were so sleek, and smaller than your typical puddle jumping variety. Their camouflage blended them perfectly with the Minnesota Woods, making them a rare find.
  2. Walking Sticks (aka stick-bugs)
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    Talk about hard to find...gee whiz!
  3. Caterpillars
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    This one will morph into a Monarch Butterfly.
  4. Fireflies (aka lightning bugs)
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    A night when the fireflies were out was like being in a fairy tale...oh boy!
  5. Spotted Salamanders
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    So chill.
  6. Crayfish
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    Found under rocks in the lake. Closest thing we could get to the ocean.
  7. Painted Turtles
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    Check out the claws on this bad ass.
  8. Inchworms
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    Comical anatomy
    Suggested by @celine