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  1. It's a free-for-all Friday list. Add anything you want! 💬
  2. Saw a 14 dollar jar of mayonnaise yesterday.
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    Suggested by @sloan
  3. I just drank an IPA
    Suggested by @ChrisK
  4. I'm half way through a 2nd IPA
    Suggested by @ChrisK
  5. Here's my new favorite food cart treat downtown, it's a Chinese crepe with egg and sausage and hoisin and goodness. The cart is called Bing.
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    Suggested by @sloan
  6. I call this Yorkshire terrorism
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    Suggested by @dave
  7. Working on third IPA
    Suggested by @ChrisK
  8. Oh shit they've been Summer Ales all along!!
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    Suggested by @ChrisK
  9. Oh hello List Apperz. In the spirit of this original post, here are a bunch of seed pods in my cat's tail.
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    Suggested by @karen