1. They are slimy
  2. Wasteful to produce
  3. They have less flavor
  4. Require a plastic bag
  5. Confuse kids about where food comes from
  6. No more carrot tops
    Which are great in soup and salad or as an herb to flavor your sauteed carrots. Also good at prop comedy.
  7. Replaced the far superior carrot stick on veggie platters
    The carrot stick has a flat dipping edge, better visual aesthetic, a longer dipping area so your fingers don't taint the dip, and they are easy as fuck to make.
  8. Carrot is a perfect food
    It's a tuber you can eat raw. Fits the hand perfectly. Doesn't require any prep. Healthy yet loaded with sweet vibrant flavor. Cooks well with other veggies and meats. Make a perfect dipping stick for a jar of peanut butter.
  9. It's not the 90s anymore
    Can we PLEASE stop this nonsense.