And Happy Mothers Day to all the moms who tirelessly write the lists that make the world go round.
  1. Every wake up call
  2. Every smudged up wall
  3. Every dinner you cook
  4. Every appointment you book
  5. Every broken phone
  6. Every friend brought home
  7. Every grocery run
  8. All the plans for fun
  9. Every trip to the vet
  10. Every homework check
  11. Every thing left out
  12. Every time they pout
  13. Every punishment
  14. All the nourishment
  15. Every dirty dish
  16. Every amazon wish
  17. Every text you take
  18. Every call you make
  19. All the chores you do
  20. Every cold...and every flu
  21. Every breath you take
  22. Every move you make
  23. I'm in awe of you