Always Be Listing.
  1. Rather than trying to explain the list app, start to talk about it and then say: "never mind, you wouldn't like it."
  2. When around friends and family, laugh out loud over and over and over again until they demand to know: "WHAT IS SO GOD DAMN FUNNY?"
  3. Approach people at the bar and say: "damn you look fine, are you on the list app?"
  4. Call random phone numbers and whisper: "the list app is coming for you...[heavy breathing]...(hang up)."
  5. Write on all of the white boards at work: "If can do it so can we."
  6. When someone freaks on you for not responding to their text, email or facebook message, calmly say: "you can find me on the list app."
  7. When UberPooling, open up a top trending list and stare out the window while holding your phone face up on your knee closest to your pool mate.
  8. Offer a set of steak knives to anyone who will download the list app and actually use it for more than three days.
  9. Tell them that you can no longer be friends if they don't even have the decency to read your heartfelt lists.
  10. Have Kevin Spacey walk around behind you with a stack of pink slips for mint condition Cadillac Eldorados. When people ask for one, say: "slips are for listers".