He had a knack for being involved with some of the most important internet technologies and information laws in the past decade. This well done documentary on youtube tells his fascinating biography. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M85UvH0TRPc&feature=youtu.be
  1. Helped develop RSS at the ripe age of 14
    RSS allows anyone to curate a custom news feed.
  2. Was involved in the founding of Creative Commons
    This revolutionized copywright laws, and preserved the openness of the internet.
  3. Cofounded reddit.com
    The reddit community, despite all of its shenanigans, has done the world a lot of good. Both in cases of helping individuals in need, and lobbying government.
  4. Fought to make scientific journals available to the public
    By fought, I mean he downloaded them through a loophole as fast as possible until he got caught.
  5. Helped lead the charge against SOPA and PIPA
    These bills wanted to turn the internet into a media model similar to cable television. Essentially, destroying it.
  6. Hung himself in his apartment
    The federal court case against him for downloading the journals appears to have led to this tragic ending. He was 26.
  7. Was posthumously inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame
    The names in the IHOF will be revered long after we're gone. RIP Aaron.