1. Late at night
    The moon wrings soliloquy. Star bugs dance to the Bee Gees. Men are hot, women cool as cukes. Bed begot it all. The sex, the dreams. Recovery seems all too right, late at night.
  2. Early in the morning
    The low sun feels like food, like tea. The birds are going apeshit. They get it. They invented flight, not the Wrights. The roads are muted, only diesel engines cry out in reverse. A strangers says hi and smiles. Peace comes without warning. Early in the morning.
  3. Daytime
    Is chaos. Is a contest. A race. I compete because I like to participate. I want to be involved. Get'er done. Work hard. Play...play it cool. Pretend like you got it all figured out. Make lemonade from lime in the daytime.