1. Bill Monroe on Mandolin
    He would also introduce the band and let you know if you left the lights on in your car.
  2. John Hartford on fiddle
    He would be tapping the beat on his mic'd plywood, and also pilot the steamboat that the band toured in.
  3. Doc Watson on lead vocals
    And guitar of course.
  4. Tony Rice on guitar
    And singing harmonies because he hasn't lost his beautiful baritone voice yet. He would lead the stage banter.
  5. Flux on Dobro
    Early 90s denim period with diamond stud earring.
  6. Béla on banjo
    Helping out with bad jokes and one liners.
  7. Rushad Eggleston on cello
    He would play most of the show while hanging upside down from the rafters.