1. Sneaking past security...
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  2. The look on BJ's face when I pretended to have a meeting with the VCs.
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  3. Here's the team dissecting an early Mayer list.
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  4. Shhhh...Dev's rolling out new features.
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  5. For lunch we all had caviar tacos and tried to figure out how an android phone got in the building (hint: I planted it).
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  6. I learned that Obama was one of the first people on List App and his lists are hilarious! Biden downloaded the app but hasn't published any lists yet.
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  7. They've heard our feedback. Support for Apple Watch is coming!
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  8. I found out that they are cancelling the public launch, and instead using those funds to pay off all of our student loans!
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  9. Everyone commutes to work on the tube slide!
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