...or xmas gifts for men.
  1. Pendleton Board Shirt
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    Any wool Pendleton shirt actually. Wear it every day. Do not wash. Ever. http://www.pendleton-usa.com/product/Men/Clothing/WOOL-SHIRTS/BOARD-SHIRT/171071/sc/2079/c/2415/pc/1814.uts
  2. Tillamook Bay Bogs
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    I'm a big fan of the neoprene throat. Easy to slip on. Great for short periods such as dog walks, taking out trash, etc. http://www.bogsfootwear.com/shop/style/68142-001.html
  3. Jockey Seamfree Midway Brief
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    Silky smooth, lightweight, warm, snug yet forgiving fit. http://www.jockey.com/catalog/product/jockey-seamfree-midway-brief
  4. Pendleton Boot Crew Wool Socks
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    The brand doesn't matter so much, but the correct blend of merino, nylon and spandex does, and these Pendletons have it. http://www.pendleton-usa.com/product/Women/Accessories/SOCKS/BOOT-CREW-SOCKS/172989/sc/2413/c/2404/pc/1815.uts?rv=true
  5. Patagonia Down Sweater
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    You're gonna get stuffy if you don't have a puffy. http://www.patagonia.com/us/product/mens-down-sweater-jacket?p=84674-0
  6. Smartwool NTS Mid 250 Cuffed Beanie
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    I always keep one in the pocket of my down puffy, because they work so well together. http://www.smartwool.com/shop/men-accessories-trainingbeanies/nts-mid-250-cuffed-beanie-sw0sw956?variationId=307
  7. Military Wool Gloves Liners
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    A little bit of a break-in period, but after that they are the perfect soft, warm and breathable lightweight glove. http://www.amazon.com/Black-Military-Wool-Glove-Liners/dp/B0049PMHU8
  8. Haglöfs Rando Gore-Tex Jacket
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    I live in the Pacific Northwest where we sport expedition quality rain jackets for our daily commute. http://www.haglofs.com/no/en/Jackets/RANDO-JACKET-MEN/p/602958.33G
  9. Walz 3-Panel Cycling Cap
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    I spend a lot of time biking in the rain, also great for hiking and xc skiing. http://www.walzcaps.com/collections/cycling/products/wool-3-panel-brown-tweed-brown-stripe
  10. Woolrich Wool Blend Ivy Cap
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  11. Tova Felted Wool Slippers
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    My absolute all time favorite footwear. http://www.tova.no/trend.5190534-146879.html
  12. Outdoor Research Stormbound Mitts
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    I always keep a pair of extra warm mittens in my car, or if outside for an extended period. http://www.outdoorresearch.com/en/stormbound-mitts.html
  13. Pants
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    The only area I struggle with is pants. Any suggestions?
  14. Stormy Kromer
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    Suggested by @RedBeard
  15. Banana Republic Zip Utility Pants: bit.ly/stylefordorkswoolpants
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    Suggested by @evan