1. Fresh scent 👃🏻
    When selecting an herb from the garden, I like to roll them in my hands, then cup a deep whiff. It wakes up your senses, makes your hands smell amazing, and helps you imagine the final flavor of your dish.
  2. Flavor
    Freshly chopped, and pestled herbs, burst with flavor. Stews and roasts simmered with the whole sprig are 💯.
  3. Homegrown 🏡
    Easy to grow even without a garden bed. It's so satisfying to add something homegrown to your meal.
  4. No math 🚫
    You can be more liberal with fresh herbs compared to dried. Its easy to see how much has been added so you can eyeball the ratio. Any excess can be saved by the stove for later use.
  5. Harness the garnish
    A sprinkle of fresh herbs over the top. A sprig of parsley on the side. 🎯
  6. Chopping 🔪
    There's just someting about prepping fresh herbs that makes me feel like a chef.
  7. Rosemary
    The ultimate potato herb. Do not potato without it. ✋
  8. Thyme ⌛️
    Beans take time and they take thyme.
  9. Parsley ♻️
    Good pallette cleanser. Even better if you actually put it in your food.
  10. Tarragon 🍤
    Terra gone. Get your aqua on. Sea. Food.
  11. Mint 🍉
    Delightful in a salad, with fatty meats, and on fresh fruit.
  12. Oregano 🇮🇹
    Its not just for Italian anymore. This is a great all purpose herb.
  13. Cilantro 💀
    Either you like it or it tastes like soap mixed with poison. I like it. A fresh guac requisite.
  14. Basil 🍃
    Because pesto, the greatest thing to happen to food since fire. Probably underrated as a fresh garnish.
  15. Sage 🌿
    More than just an incense for warding off evil spirits.
  16. Dill 💰
    Use it and you will be a dillionaire. Dolla dill y'all.