A graduation speech list
  1. Your first day of school
    Is getting your license and driving by yourself for the first time. It will be easy to make new friends now.
  2. Birthdays
    Are stopping for ice cream.
  3. Your first kiss
    Is the first time you order food at a drive thru. Much different than your mom's cooking.
  4. Graduation
    Is a quick stop at a scenic overlook.
  5. Bad days
    Are dead batteries, flat tires and ocassionally a blown head gasket. You will find that people are very helpful when you need it.
  6. Starting a Career
    Is merging on to the freeway, its bumper to bumper traffic, but it'll start to open up.
  7. Diet and exercise
    Are getting your oil and filters changed, and the tires rotated. If you're over forty have them check your timing belt.
  8. Vacations
    Are stopping to fill up the tank.
  9. Falling in love
    Is stopping for a hitch hiker.
  10. Marriage
    Is when the hitch hiker tells you they want to go wherever you're going.
  11. Getting laid off
    Is getting rear ended. A good time to sort out your glove compartment.
  12. Kids
    Mean trading in your sporty sedan for a wagon or van.
  13. Retirement
    Is exiting on the off ramp, and finally stopping at that antique store that you drove by a thousand times.