Three years ago I made a short film to submit to a bicycle film festival.
  1. The film is a riff on how cyclists use the phrase "on your left", and how some people seem to overuse it out of habit, like when there is plenty of room or when they are already beside you. This would often make me smile and think, who is this person? What's their story?
  2. We follow the main character as she reveals her unique affliction with the phrase, and comes to grips with this unusually courteous disorder.
  3. There happens to be a lot of listappers in the film such as @NickZ
    He helped write, direct, film, etc. etc.
  4. I directed her to look "downtrodden". Nailed it.
  5. A breakout role for this talented young comedian.
  6. One of the greatest elevator actors of our time.
  7. The infamous stairmaster scene.
  8. His band Sweet William's Ghost provided the soundtrack.
  9. What a bitch...is what she was thinking in this scene.
  10. The film festival said the panel loved it, and "on your left" became a meme amongst them, but the soundtrack was "too windy".
  11. Vimeo link to the film: http://bit.ly/1Lzem4X