1. Link to live video stream:
  2. Harper's Steal Your Face tee
  3. The dance cam reminds me of MTV The Grind
  4. Ben Cartwright says he wants to make a tee that says "Don't hate the Mayer, hate the game".
  5. B.C.: this set break is so long, can't they american express it?
  6. They're back!
  7. Help on the way > slipknot > franklin's tower 💯!!!
  8. They should call it Amex Unsynced
  9. Who NOSE what they will play next
  10. Mayer accessories: bandana, watch, possibly fishing lures on necklace
  11. Weir accessories: watch, birks, wedding ring
  12. Great vocals on He's Gone.
  13. Mickey's wearing his wrist bands over his gloves and somehow it's working
  14. Oh crap, Drums. Why?
    Lot's of hamming it up going on. They could open up a retail store with all that percussion gear. Doesn't seem fair that everybody gets a break except the drummers. Okay, this is actually a pretty sweets Drums. Oteil just joined. Mickey's applying science. Just Mickey on stage now. Shit's getting dark.
  15. Mickey just licked the beam! 😛
  16. Beautiful Stella Blue
  17. Righteous Stella Blue
    Suggested by   @Jed
  18. Mayer vocals on point during Brokedown!
    Suggested by   @Jed
  19. B.C.: John Mayer is like the swiss army knife of guitar players.
  20. This is my favorite picture of my night there and really sums up the crew...
    Suggested by   @originalamericantrt