1. Naked troll
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    We have Norwegian roots.
  2. Googly cone
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  3. Xmas poo
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    Apparently @karen made this at a very young age and we endearingly refer to it as the xmas poo.
  4. Knit snowflake
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  5. Silver Oak
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    '95 cab. May or may not be filled with actual wine. Was this a good vintage @lucas?
  6. Big Ben
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    From a recent trip to London.
  7. New York tree
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    From @aedan's recent trip to NYC.
  8. Musical santa (with action harps)
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  9. Nutcracker
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  10. Monster face
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  11. Quilt bird
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  12. Psychedelic giraffe
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  13. Sexy boot
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  14. Mouse (polar bear?)
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  15. Blue koi
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  16. Mermaid goddess
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  17. Santa hat
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