1. Naked troll
    We have Norwegian roots.
  2. Googly cone
  3. Xmas poo
    Apparently @karen made this at a very young age and we endearingly refer to it as the xmas poo.
  4. Knit snowflake
  5. Silver Oak
    '95 cab. May or may not be filled with actual wine. Was this a good vintage @lucas?
  6. Big Ben
    From a recent trip to London.
  7. New York tree
    From @aedan's recent trip to NYC.
  8. Musical santa (with action harps)
  9. Nutcracker
  10. Monster face
  11. Quilt bird
  12. Psychedelic giraffe
  13. Sexy boot
  14. Mouse (polar bear?)
  15. Blue koi
  16. Mermaid goddess
  17. Santa hat