1. Camera+
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    I still use Apple Camera App to take photos, but this is where I do my editing. With the recent addition of the 'lab', it gives you control beyond basic filters. You can also layer filters on top of each other. I manually import the pics I want to edit and then save the edited copies as duplicates to the original.
  2. PhotoFunia
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    Off the wall photo shop effects. Turn your friend's baby into a zombie with a few clicks, or impose them in a modern art gallery. Literally, 400+ effects. It is a lot of fun as the name implies.
  3. Color Splash
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    This is one that allows you to edit a photo to be a mix of color and black & white. I use it anytime I take a picture that has one feature that is very colorful and I want to highlight it. Takes a little effort, but the results are usually worth it.
  4. Fotoring
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    Allows you to quickly place two or more pics side by side and save them as one combined photo. Comes in handy more often than you would think.
  5. Skitch
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    Nice for quickly adding meme text or an arrow pointing at something.
  6. Tangled FX
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    Webby tangly filters. Doesn't work well with every type of photo, but when it does work it can look extremely cool.
  7. Waterlogue
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    Amazing water color paint filters. Well designed app. Very nice results.
  8. Tangent