These are some of the more artistic pieces, all told there are 50+ items including many cupboard classics.
  1. Goblet with talon rest
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  2. Borderlands mask
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  3. He swears this one isn't meant to be phallic
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  4. Cool candle holder with rope handle
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  5. Another Borderlands artifact
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  6. Crazy tree guy
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    That's his bow tie for prom, which is tonight.
  7. A delicate leaf dish
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  8. I love the textures on this soap dish
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  9. A self bust
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  10. A Borderlands 2 branding asset
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  11. The inspiration for this list was a gallery quality tea pot but I can't find it right now. Will try to add it later.
  12. Still haven't found it, but adding this garden mushroom.
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  13. Found it.
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  14. Adding this tea pot with skull cups
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  15. And this mask
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